The cost of Editing depends on the individual project, your wants and needs, the type, level and comprehensiveness of editing required.

Each project is evaluated and discussed with you first. Your work is submitted in a Word document as an email attachment. You receive back 2 edited copies--one with the mark-up and one clean copy.


As the Essay Lady, I provide editing services to assist students with college, grad school and scholarship application essays, summer internship applications and resumes. The Essay Lady button will take you to that site. 

Joyce Good Henderson

I have edited essays, articles and books, and worked with many different writers as an editor. I can provide different types of editing, including:

  • Content editing--editing the storyline, plot, characterization, consistency, voice
  • Line editing--spelling, grammar, punctuation, redundancy, word choice, mechanics
  • finish editing--a final book edit to prepare and format for publication

A proper editing can help you take your writing project: essay, article, memoir, book, from rough draft to a completed work. An editor is your mentor, sounding board, strategist, coach, guide and partner. You are not paying for short-term benefits, but help to achieve your goals.