Joyce Good Henderson

“It is said of my birthplace, a strange wilderness that is both watery and stony, mountainous and bog-mired, inhospitable yet gentle, that the land is eternally wed to the sea. If that be true, then, the marriage of the immovable to the irrepressible must surely be like my own marriage contract.”

From the time Caitrín was a small child, barely old enough to listen to the bard, she always begged for the same story, the legend of Donall and Sadhbh, lovers who died tragically, and who she believed were her parents. Although the women of her clan may marry for love, she is bargained away to pay off the family’s debt to their chieftain Tarlach.

A generation before, Tarlach had fallen for the flame-haired Sadhbh, who fled with her lover Donall. Now, an old man, with no heirs, he hopes marriage to a younger bride will give him want he wants most in life, a son.

There are forces within the clan determined to stop this union. Una, Tarlach’s first wife, Tarlach’s stepson Cathal, and Morgall, the judge, conspire to prevent the marriage. But the greatest obstacle comes when Tarlach’s trusted warrior Tuan, assigned to protect the bride, and Caitrín fall in love. Duty and honor clash with love and desire in the story of the powerful Uí Neill clan. 

Available in Paperback and Kindle

Utan Series, Book 2

Publisher: Celtic Loom Books
Publication Date: March 7, 2015
Language: English
Print Length: 320 Paperback
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