Joyce Good Henderson

Paperback: 152 pages
Publisher: Celtic Loom Books
Language: English

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Imagine this —the first week of school, your Language Arts teacher wants an essay: “How I spent my summer vacation.” 

You’ve got this aced. You spent your summer discovering hidden passageways in a centuries-old castle, horseback-riding across an Irish mountain, being mistaken for an award-winning step dancer, almost inheriting a castle, and solving the mystery of your cousin’s disappearance. 

How could you write that in a one-page essay?

The MacMahon family had no clue they had a great-uncle in Ireland until he invited them to visit his castle for his eighty-fifth birthday. But worse than having to spend three weeks with her younger brother Chris, AKA the dork, the trip would destroy Molly’s summer riding camp plans.

She had to resort to the only weapon left.
The Silent Treatment.
Not a word. Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.
Starting immediately. For the week until they left, and the three weeks of the trip. 
A whole month without speaking. 
Her personal best.