Utan Series, Book 1

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Set in ancient Ireland, three generations of the family of Utan, a powerful warrior-king of ancient Ireland, face the challenges of clan warfare, rivalry of brothers over a woman, betrayal between husband and wife, and the unmet expectations of a father for his son.

When the gods doubly bless Utan with identical twin sons, the king decrees that his sons will jointly share his rule. One will govern the great northern sea, the other will rule the wind. The boys are inseparable until their late teen years when a druid predicts Uí Neill, the first-born, will marry Ailis, the only surviving daughter of a renegade chieftain. But, Uthair, the younger twin, falls in love with her.

While Uí Neill is sympathetic to his brother's feelings, he must obey the druid and their father and marry Ailis. During a moment of anger between brothers, Uí Neill accidentally drowns and Uthair realizes he will lose Ailis forever. Even though she was only betrothed to his brother, she will be considered a widow now and returned to her own clan.

The spirit of his dead brother suggests a solution. Uthair must assume Uí Neill’s identity and maintain the deception through his brother’s funeral and marriage to Ailis. After their marriage, Uthair, now Uí Neill, succeeds his father as king. But, contentment is not the mantle the new young king wears well.

He spends a lifetime battling the hurts and demons of his past until he finally earns the blessings of the gods and the right to rule the wind. 

Joyce Good Henderson

Publisher: Celtic Loom Books
Publication Date: February 19, 2015
Language: English
Print Length: 250 (Paperback)
File Size: 921 KB (Kindle)