Joyce Good Henderson

Joyce Henderson is an accomplished writer with more than 5 books published. She is known for being on the cutting edge of new technologies and methods to present written material on-line. She excels at whatever she undertakes. Knowing and working with Joyce Henderson is a wonderful opportunity for any writers who want to become published.
                      Pat McDonough


                            in-depth book editing

Joyce Henderson's Workshops and Seminars have been a great inspiration and guidance tool for me. She has helped improve my writing skills tenfold by sharing her knowledge and experience. If you want to succeed as a writer, I recommend Joyce Henderson as a Writing Coach.
                      Dean Naegel, author

                 Space Coast Writer’s Guild

Joyce not only encouraged me to join both the Space Coast Writers' Guild, but to join her weekly editing class. As a result, last fall two of my books were published. She encouraged me every step of the way with practical suggestions and feedback.
                                 Linda Jump,

                              journalist & author

What Luck! I was so fortunate to have her as a writing coach. She taught me writing techniques that would have taken me ages to discover on my own. I am so grateful for her help and recommend her to anyone looking to sharpen their writing skills. 
           Carla Palmirotto, author            

Joyce Henderson, a published author in her own right, comes from a family of writers, including her mother, son, and daughter. Joyce not only provides the nuts and bolts every writer needs, but offers support and encouragement along the long and lonely journey to publication.

                                   Kelly Edens, author

A writing coach is a guide directing you on a path of personal growth as a writer.


What Others Say...

I loved working with Joyce for several years as a critique partner early in my writing.  Her grasp of grammar and experience in publishing will bring a great help to anyone who chooses to work with her.  She will come alongside those who are working toward a writing career, being a cheerleader as well as a goal setter and wonderful first reader.  Her organizational skills are also a huge benefit for those who struggle with putting it all together.
               Allison M. Wilson, author

She knows her stuff and her eagle eyes can spot those grammar and punctuation boo boos. She focuses on written content and the finished product. She is well-acquainted with the process of queries, summaries, and synopses. She understands the roles of an agent and a publisher. Joyce is attuned to the big picture as well as the details of getting you from idea to book sales. 
                             Valerie Allen
                          Write, Publish, Sell!