Joyce Good Henderson

Publisher: Faith's Loom Books
Publication Date: January 20, 2012
Language: English
Number of Pages: 288

Written by an experienced leader of short-term mission teams, this how-to manual is for leaders and team members on cross-cultural, short-term mission projects, whether within their own community, state or country or across international borders. The author addresses preparation, in-country experiences, and post-project cultural shock, from the viewpoint of the participant and the sender. The focus is always on people, rather than project.

You can always donate money, hire workers, and buy materials more cheaply than going to a project site. However, by going, you commit yourself, you demonstrate God's presence and love in practical ways, and God acts in both your life and the lives of those you serve.

This guide is for those who take seriously the Biblical mandate to go into the world, and for those who provide immediate help in time of disaster or long-term assistance through development projects that meet ongoing needs. 

​​Available in paperback only