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 Wonderful storyteller, brings you right  into the time period and makes you  know the characters. I look forward to  her next book.


​  Fun with a ghost story twist.  It  delightfully combines a modern tale  of a woman working in the period  representation of Colonial  Williamsburg with the "back in the  day" story of an actual woman from  the period. Sure to entertain anyone  who likes historicals, romances or  ghost stories. 

Perry Stephenson likes her job so much she’d pay her employer for the opportunity to dress in Colonial garb and impersonate Penelope Armstrong, a goodwife of 1730’s Williamsburg. Shortly after Perry assumes the role of Penelope, she begins having visions of a young woman she believes might be Penelope. Perry could lose her job if word gets out about ghostly warnings from the character she portrays.

In Colonial Williamsburg of 1733, Penelope Armstrong is trapped in marriage to an abusive man, and in love with someone else. When she discovers she is pregnant by her husband, she fears he will kill her or harm her baby in one of his jealous fits. She seeks the only escape she can find for her daughter, leaving the baby with her sister. But she vows her sacrifice will not be in vain.

Perry needs help, and a friend introduces her to Joe Presswood, an archaeologist and professor at the College of William and Mary. He has just received an invitation to take over the Antiquities Department at Oxford, but first must investigate Perry’s tale of ghostly warnings. He soon learns he must also fight his growing attraction to her for the sake of the investigation.

Joe finds himself in a desperate struggle to protect Perry from a jealous stalker, but is the stalker from this century or the past? With Penelope’s supernatural assistance, he saves Perry’s life, and together they solve a two-centuries-old mystery.  

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Joyce Good Henderson

Publisher: Celtic Loom Books
Publication Date: October 18, 2013
Language: English
Print Length: 233
File Size: 680 KB